In my tenure as Creative Manager at Create and Craft USA, I paired with a Data Analyst to overhaul the site homepage in order to improve experience and revenue. The project was restricted to the inconsistent proprietary CMS and required outside-the-box thinking to implement.


  1. Simplify homepage experience
  2. Draw more attention to on-air programming
  3. Improve bounce rate, especially for new visitors


  1. Planning
    1. Compared click and scroll data to determine extraneous click zones and pinpoint
      ineffective creative and placement
    2. Aligned new homepage design with new branding guidelines to create more trust
      with new visitors
  2. Design
    1. Enlarged carousel banner to provide more room for messaging and product
    2. Templated creative to provide familiar layouts and easy to navigate messaging within brand standards
    3. Combined multiple click zones to create more effective On-Air messaging
    4. Brought the On-Air live streaming block above the fold
    5. Created static Click of the Day HTML link to eliminate daily creative needs and respond to data regarding product imagery
  3. A/B Test
    1. Used Monetate to split test simplified homepage with active homepage design
    2.  Collected several weeks’ worth of session and conversion data


In addition to making the homepage performance better, the design templates put in place for the design team had the added benefit of streamlining the creative process and resulted in increased productivity.