I am a Designer

There are a lot of tough questions in life. The toughest of which are introspective. Why do I over-analyze? Why do I take on so much responsibility? Why can’t I live without chocolate? Most of them can’t be answered. So, when asked, “Why do you Design?” I am surprised that I can say, without a single doubt: “Because I am a designer.”

This is not facetious. I have come to know that being a designer has nothing to do with my job, my hobbies or my schooling. It would be there regardless of whether or not I chose it as a career. It will be there for the rest of my life. It is a mark, a scar, and a trait. It is a fact of me, just the same as my brown hair. Sure, I could pretend it wasn’t true, the same as I could dye my hair. But my roots would show.

Thankfully, I’ve chosen not to deceive myself. Just as thankfully, I am lucky enough to have fallen in love with Design.